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Tree Trimming

The key to a healthy and beautiful tree is trimming. You read that right. Trimming is a crucial part of tree maintenance, yet it is one of the most neglected ones. Most of our clients ask for our tree removal service, but removal will not be necessary if the tree is well-maintained, in the first place. Trimming helps not just the health of the tree but also brings back its natural shape and structure. A well-maintained tree is an asset to your yard, but an untrimmed tree can be hazardous. Keeping your tree in good condition is the secret for a longer lifespan and a more beautiful yard.

If your tree is located near a structure such as a house, its limbs and branches can fall onto it which can result in property damage and injury. Trimming is the best method to use when you have an overgrown tree with branches touching your roof. Spruce Tree Service can make sure you will not have to deal with tree damage in the future when we trim the dead and weak branches off your tree. Our experience in the area of tree trimming is remarkable, and we can confidently say that there is no type of tree that we can’t expertly trim. We are qualified to perform tree trimming because of the skills that we keep improving through constant training. We also own the right tools to help us handle any tree trimming projects. Your tree and landscape will benefit a lot from trimming.

When you look for a company to trim your trees, find one that strictly complies with trimming guidelines set by the authorities in the tree industry. This will give you added confidence that your tree is trimmed accurately and your tree or property will not suffer from further damage.

Tree Trimming Process

Our process for tree trimming is almost identical to the other services we have. One of our tree specialists will come to the site and assess the tree to be trimmed and the surrounding area. We will discuss with you the method we will use so that you would know how the process will take place. After discussion, we will provide you with a free verbal quote and follow-up with a firm written quote sent via email. We will include the essential details from the equipment we will utilize to the cost of the service. We can use heavy equipment or safety climbing harnesses depending on your request and the difficulty of the job. In every tree trimming project that we do, we make sure to keep your safety as our priority that is why we make sure to perform each step with caution and care. We can haul the wood away or place them where you want to. You can have a peace of mind that we will not leave the vicinity without making sure the site is clear from tree debris.

If there is more than one tree in your yard that needs to be trimmed, contact Spruce Tree Service, and we can offer you multi-tree discounts for your savings.

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