What are the qualities of a good tree service company?

If you are looking for a tree service company, it is essential to choose one that is reliable, experienced, and skilled. You should also take into account their credentials and certifications, not to mention, licenses and insurance. A reputable tree company will have plenty of reviews online as well as references that you can contact for confirmation of their service. Their workers’ and clients’ safety is their priority. A reputable company will be able to provide you this information without hesitation and walk you through the process of their service.

What is a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is an expert in the field of tree care, including the anatomy of a tree, planting, tree care, diagnosis, and treatment. A certified arborist needs to pass a series of rigorous exams related to trees and their care.

How vital is tree pruning?

Pruning is crucial for several reasons, including health, aesthetics, and safety. Broken branches and limbs can be dangerous as they can fall at any given time. They can seriously injure pedestrians or damage properties in the area. Through pruning, the tree is freed from weak and diseased branches that don’t only make the tree look unhealthy and unkempt, but also unsafe.

What is the best season to prune a tree?

Technically, you can prune a tree all year-round, but professional arborists recommend doing it before bud break. Large evergreens should not be cut, while small hedge shrubs can be pruned with shears. It is safe to prune deciduous trees any season.

What happens if my property gets damaged during tree service?

A reputable tree company will make sure you and your property are safe throughout the process of tree service. But, in case of an accident, they should assure you that they will cover for the injury and damage. A seasoned company will cover the vulnerable areas on your property and clean the area carefully.

Why is insurance crucial to a tree company?

The nature of tree work is hazardous. The tree company should not just protect its clients but also its employees, and everyone nearby the site. It is critical to secure insurance coverage that will protect both the workers and the customers.

What are the advantages of having trees in my yard?

There are a number of benefits to having trees on one’s property. They make the surroundings naturally beautiful and impact the overall value of the property. Their thick foliage offers natural shade on a hot summer day, and their bright colors in spring and fall make the environment look vibrant.

What are the best shade or flower trees?

There are so many species of flowering trees and shade trees in the area. You can opt for the exotic varieties, or if you prefer specimens that stay fresh throughout the year, you can choose evergreens. You can choose the large species for shade and dwarf trees for decorative purposes. There is a wide array of trees for you to choose from.

What should I do with a diseased tree?

If you believe your tree is suffering from an illness or is dying, the best thing to do is to call a certified arborist to assess your tree’s health. Your tree may require urgent treatment, but it can also call for removal. As much as possible, don’t leave a diseased tree untreated because it can fall unexpectedly. It could hurt you and your family and even cause severe damage to your property.

Do you haul wood and debris?

Yes, we do, in most cases. We handle wood and debris and haul them away from your property. You should always check if cleanup and debris removal is part of the tree service’s package. If you prefer to keep some wood, you can pre-arrange it with the tree company.

How is stump grinding different from stump removal?

These two approaches both aim to get rid of the sight of the stump. However, with stump removal, the entire stump, including the root system, is dug out of the ground. This can leave a large hole in the area where the tree used to be planted. Stump grinding, on the other hand, removes the stump by milling the wood below the ground. The area will then be covered with dirt and soil. The roots of the stump will decay over time.


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