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Trees are one of the most critical assets in your property until they become hazardous. In an instant, your tree can cause damage to your yard and injure your loved ones. If a tree is damaged whether, by a storm or a disease, the need to remove it is intensified. Tree removal may look easy at first glance, but the truth is it is one of the most dangerous jobs there is. The job is too risky to be done by an average homeowner. Removing a tree requires knowledge and experience. You simply cannot cut just any branch because there is a proper method to do it. The job is complicated; that is why it is no surprise that we get a lot of requests for tree removal. We have learned all the necessary techniques to safely take down a tree, no matter what the size, age, and species. We begin the process of tree removal with an onsite inspection of the tree to be removed. We will decide what equipment and method we will use considering the location of the tree. We will offer you a verbal quote followed by a written quote with the details of the service to be performed. Our licensing and insurance documentation will also be provided for your protection.

When it comes to the cost of our tree removal service, the pricing depends on two factors which are the size and the species of the tree. The location of the tree is also something we consider when computing the total cost. It usually requires as much effort when a tree is planted in a hard to access area. It means we need to carefully plan and execute the process to ensure we do it safely. If this is the case, it can drive up the total cost of the tree removal.

If you are ready to have that hazardous tree removed, call us, and we will help you make it happen efficiently.

Tree Removal Spruce

On the scheduled day of tree removal, one of our representatives will get in touch with you to confirm our arrival. We will run through the details of the job and ask if you have additional requests that you want us to do.

Our supervisor will assign specific tasks to each member of the team to commence the process. We will start by cutting the main limbs in the canopy of the tree. Our lead cutter will use a safety harness to ensure safety throughout tree removal. We use a detailed and systematic method when eliminating a tree from the crown to the main trunk. Our ground crew will be at the base of the tree to take care of the debris. We will further reduce the size of the limbs to make it ideal for other purposes such as firewood. We will keep the surrounding area clean from the beginning until the end of tree removal. 

    By the end of the process, you will be surprised to see no evidence of twigs, branches, and other tree debris. We will make sure to practice caution throughout the process to avoid unnecessary damages.  Call Spruce Tree Service for a free tree removal quote.

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