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Stump Grinding and Removal

When we talk about stumps, there are two effective ways to get rid of them. The first method is to use heavy equipment such as a backhoe to dig up the stump and the entire root structure. Although this process can eliminate the entire stump and prevent future growth, it can also cause damage to the surrounding area. Because of this, total stump removal is not a popular choice when it comes to getting rid of a stump. In most cases, stump removal is asked of us by our commercial clients who need to clear the ground for industrial development. Also, stump removal is more expensive than the second method which is stump grinding.

Stump grinding is the top choice for many of our clients who want to eliminate the sight of a stump in their yard. The process can be a messy one, but Spruce Tree Service can make the job look easy with our skills and the help of our high-quality stump grinders from Morbark. If you let us handle the stump in your yard, we will make sure to restore the appeal of your property and eliminate the hazard brought by the stubborn stump. We specialize in stump grinding and keep our equipment in tip top condition so we can always perform our best each time. We believe that investing in the right equipment is one of the keys to efficient and safe stump grinding. We will never compromise the quality of our job just to save on equipment cost because we know how important the right equipment is for a well-executed stump grinding.

The difficulty of removing a stump is affected by different factors. Before we take out our stump grinders, we will assess the stump to be eliminated so we can plan the best action to remove it safely and correctly. Some stumps, such as conifers are easier to ground than Oaks and Maples which are deciduous trees. More matured stumps take less effort and time to remove than a younger and larger one.

Stump Grinding Process

We utilize a four-step process for stump grinding. It includes the following:

  • We will first start by getting rid of stones and rocks and other debris on the ground with a shovel and rake. We do this to ensure that the area is ready for stump grinding.
  • We will further reduce the height of the stump if it is not yet cut as close to the ground. This will allow for easier grinding later on.
  • We will place the stump grinder 3-6 inches over the stump and lower it into the stump as we start grinding from side to side.

    • After the stump has been ground to 4″, we will continue the process until we have ground the stump 3-6″ below the earth and can no longer be seen on the level ground.

    It is normal to see wood chips scattered all over the site because stump grinding is a dirty process. But you can expect that Spruce Tree Service will take care of the dirt and debris to restore the beauty in your yard. We can repair any damage caused by the process and re-plant the area over the stump.

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