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When it comes to top-quality tree service, residents of West Jordan trust no other than Affordable Tree Service Provo. We are the leading tree service provider in the city and its surrounding areas for over a decade. Our unwavering dedication to excellent customer service makes us the prominent and the go-to company of our valued clients. Since our founding ten years ago, we have been providing a wide variety of tree care services that cater to all your tree requirements, no matter how simple or complicated it might be. The next time you need assistance with your landscape trees, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will be there to provide a helping hand.

About Us

Our roots can be traced back in 2010 when a tree lover decided to put up a business that will ensure the overall welfare of trees in the community. Since then, we have continued to develop our skills and innovate our techniques to make sure we are giving only what our customers deserve. We are a family-owned and managed company that started with a chainsaw and a truck. Today, we are proud to say that as we gain the trust of our clients, we also gain the means to improve our equipment and overall skills. We are now complete with trained and professional staff and own state-of-the-art equipment that can help us every time we perform tree work. Our team will handle your concern like it is their own and make you feel important throughout the process. Rest assured that we will finish what we have started and impressed you with the outcome.

Tree Service Provo Trusts

More than a tree service, we are a customer service company first. Our team believes that what separates us from the rest of the lot is our ability to provide what our customers need not only with our tree service but also our respectful and approachable way of handling their concerns. We don’t compete with other tree companies, but we always try to outdo ourselves each time. One way of showing our professionalism is by returning your call on the same day you phoned us. We understand how frustrating it can be to talk to an answering machine, especially if you need the service right away. For this reason, we make sure to have one of the representatives always available to take the call and accommodate your concern. We will arrive at your home at the scheduled time and waste no time relaxing and slacking off. We will discuss the details of the project with you, make sure you understand every part of it, and then offer a free, on-site quote. You can also use this time to ask us questions about our service and tell us any special requests you have in mind. You can trust us to finish the task correctly, causing no damage to your property, in the fastest way we can. 

Our highest goal for putting up the company is to provide professional tree care at a price that can be afforded by our loyal customers. We understand that many homeowners shy away from skilled tree care because of the cost of the service and we want to be the company that they can go to when they require affordable, yet high-

    quality tree work. To achieve our ideals, we see to it that all our staff members undergo rigorous training and studying. Before they become official members of our company, they are screened, and background checked to make sure they meet our standards.It is not only the skills that matter to us. We only work with arborists who are respectful and friendly towards customers. 

    Our equipment is the best in the market. We understand the importance of having high-technology tools because they make the job less dangerous and demanding. Most, if not all, of our tools, are brand new and regularly maintained to keep them in top condition. When choosing a tree company, it is imperative to look for one with all the right tools and equipment for your own good. You can make sure they will not cause damage to your property, and that can carry out the task efficiently. In some situations, when our client prefers us not to use heavy machinery on their landscape, we can still complete the project with our safety harnesses and handheld cutting tools. With great pride, we can say that we are one of the few tree companies in town that can perform complicated tree work using only a chainsaw and a safety harness. 

    Our services are not limited to residential areas, but also commercial and large development properties. Our world-class tree care sets us apart from the rest of our rivals, and we make a promise to continue bringing high-quality work for the benefit of our loyal clients. 

    We strive to be consistent in every area of our service, particularly with customer care. Rest assured that we bring nothing but the best whenever we set foot in your yard. We stick to the agreed time and day of the service. As your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, we make sure to accommodate your requests in the best way we can. The next time you need professional help with your trees, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be there to provide the assistance you need. 

    Here is a short yet comprehensive list of our service offerings to give you an idea of what we can bring forward. If you wish to learn more about our services, you can do so by visiting the Services menu on this page.

    Picture of our stump removal being used for a customer in Provo, UT.
    Picture of our tree climber doing a tree removal for a customer in Provo, UT.
    Picture of tree trimming by our tree climber in Provo, UT

    Tree Removal

    Tree removal is not the easiest decision to make. However, some situations call for a tree’s elimination or else, someone’s life or property will be endangered. For instance, a tree that is infested with a disease or damaged by a storm is a candidate for removal. While trees serve us natural barriers and offer shade, they have to be cut down at some point in time. Other trees grow too close a structure such as a house or a power line, making them a hazardous element that needs to be taken care of. Some trees are simply a nuisance or unappealing, which is why their owners prefer to remove them for good. Whatever the reason for tree removal, you can depend on us to efficiently carry out the task. 

    The process of taking down a tree is not rocket science, but it does demand skills and expertise, particularly for those located in hard-to-access areas. Rest assured that no matter the situation is, we can safely and economically remove the tree in your yard. The process begins with a phone call. When you have agreed to our terms, we will provide you with a free estimate and discuss the service’s other details. Our professional personnel will come to your property to assess the tree to be removed, as well as the different factors that can affect the process. During this time, we will tell you the type of equipment that needs to be used and other vital requirements for the job. We will then offer a firm written estimate of the service you wish to purchase. We will assure you that from the beginning up to the end of the process, we will take care of everything, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Our team will not leave your place in a mess and see to it that everything has been taken care of in all aspects.

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    Tree Trimming

    Try to go around the city, and you will quickly notice the trees that need skilled trimming or at least pruning. There is nothing worse than an overgrown tree, filled with dead and broken branches. It doesn’t only take away from the natural beauty of the environment but also puts you and your property at risk. The good news is, trimming can significantly change the situation. Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of trimming until they face the consequences of not performing it on their trees. Well-maintained trees improve your property’s overall appeal and keep you safe from accidents related to falling branches and toppling trees. 

    Tree trimming is essential, yet getting little attention from some homeowners because they don’t know what it can do to their trees. When trimming, we keep the following goals in mind:

    • Remove dead, damaged, and diseased limbs and branches
    • Bring back the natural structure and proportion of the tree and restore its natural beauty
    • Use the time to evaluate the tree’s overall health and determine issues such as disease and pests

    We use the same process for the tree trimming as our tree removal. Our representative will visit your property to evaluate the tree and offer a free estimate. On the day of the scheduled service, we will safely remove unwanted and unsafe branches and limbs and restore your tree’s health and appearance. We will make sure to leave your yard without any trace of dirt or debris once we are done with the process. You will be left with a well-trimmed, beautiful, healthy tree.

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    You will naturally have to deal with a stump following tree removal. We offer two solutions to a stubborn stump. The first one is complete stump removal, where we will unearth the stump along with the root system. This may cause slight damage to the ground surrounding the stump, but rest assured that we will make every effort to minimize the impact on the ground. The other option is stump grinding, where we use our modern stump grinders to work on the stump. This is typically what our customers choose because it doesn’t cause too much stress on the ground and is less expensive than stump removal.

    Our skilled team member will arrive at your property to assess the nature of the stump and provide a free quote. The cost of stump removal will depend mainly on the size, age, and species of the stump. Rest assured that whatever the size or nature of the stump, our professional team can remove it in the best possible way available. We will remove all dirt surrounding the stump for a smooth grinding process. The task can leave a mountain of dirt and wood chips, but you don’t have to stress yourself about them because we have our wood chipper at our disposal and turn them into organic mulch.

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    Emergency Tree Damage

    Storms and other natural occurrences can impact trees in adverse ways. Homeowners and other property owners should not attempt to clear the damage because it can be life-threatening, particularly if it involves power lines. During emergencies like these, it is essential to call the right team to handle the situation like a real pro. Affordable Tree Service Provo specializes in this kind of service because we know homeowners need a fast and reliable response during times like this. 

    We know that storms come at the most unexpected time; that is why we are always available 24/7 to attend to your emergency needs. We are usually one of the first companies to arrive at the site to provide the much-needed assistance you require and bring back the safety and appearance of your property.

    Lot Clearing and Firewood

    Taking down trees and other unwanted elements in a property is essential before construction takes place. Affordable Tree Service Provo offers affordable lot clearing services that will help you prepare your property for future development. We can remove unwanted trees and brushes in a fraction of time so that you can start with your project right away. 

    Our company usually have seasoned firewood in stock that you can buy for a cheap cost. We have a wide variety of hardwoods that can be used for firewood purposes. Give us a call now, and we will schedule a delivery of our high-quality firewood right at your doorstep.

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